Get the most out of your Solar System this summer

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Get the most out of your solar system this summer!

Summer is the peak time of year for your panels and with the South African sun shining down on us, it’s time for your panels to soak up all the rays they can. Just like a car, your panels should be regularly checked to make sure they’re performing as efficiently as possible. Here are a few quick steps you can take to ensure peak performance.

  • Make sure that your system is working properly.
  • Check out your panels for any dirt or animal debris that could render your panels less efficient.
  • Ensure that your panels aren’t in a shady spot, if they are it’s time to trim those trees.

More tips:

  • Replace light bulbs with LED’s
  • Run your high energy appliances (e.g washing machine) during the day.
  • Convert your stove to gas, saving you so much in electricity.

Making sure your home and appliances are running efficiently will help you keep your electricity costs down. Since you can get a lot more out of your solar installation in the summer because there are more hours of sunshine this is why Summer is the perfect time to consider adding solar to your home. Going solar will provide you with energy independence and protection against cost fluctuations which lead to high electric bills. Contact us today to see if going solar might be right for you.